About Me

I am from everywhere and nowhere.

My younger years were spent running around neighborhoods and castles in the UK.  My teenage years were spent running around neighborhoods and deserts of Las Vegas.

My university years were spent running around pursuing an Associates degree in Television and Radio production, a Bachelor’s degree in Theatre Arts with a Design/Technical emphasis and an unofficial minor in Photography.

My adult years have been spent in Los Angeles where I run around pursuing my dreams.  I am a sometimes artist and a sometimes paralegal. It all depends upon how late I am with the rent.

I’ve been working in Theatre since I was 18 years old.  I worked as a lightboard operator, an assistant prop manager and a prop manager prior to studying Theatre.  After I graduated I worked as a stage manager, light/sound board operator and a set painter for various 99-Seat equity waiver theatre companies located in Los Angeles and Hollywood. I’ve also worked as a headshot photograper and a production assistant on independent features.

I also like to run.